My Lexington Law Review

meAfter my divorce, my credit was so bad that I worried I wouldn’t be able to get a new home when my auto lease was up. I worried that it would affect my ability to rent an apartment or even get a new job. I did some research on what it would take to quickly improve my credit score.

I was on the edge losing sleep at night because I wasn’t able to Afford a new home for my family.

When I first reading these Lexington Law review, I was skeptical, but I decided to sign up and give their services a try anyway and see what happened. Wow, was I glad I did! My credit was really bad due to situations relating to my divorce, but after working with Lexington Law for only a few months, my score increased by over 85 points! I went from a score of 513 in April to 600 by July. I have to say that I was thoroughly impressed! In a nutshell, what they do is write letters to the creditors requesting evidence to support the poor credit mark, inquiry, etc. You can find a review of Lexington Law here:

If the creditor does not respond or cannot provide proof, then the mark must be dropped from the credit report. I know that some people ask why they should pay for this service when it’s something they can do themselves. It’s the same reason a person would hire a maid to clean their house or take their car to the shop instead of repairing it at home. Yes, I definitely could do those things myself as well, but having a professional do the work leads to much better results while freeing up my time for the other things I’m busy with in life.

I tried sending a few letters to the creditors myself, only to find that they were returned to me with incorrect addresses or received no response at all.

Honestly, I wouldn’t have known what to do with the information had I gotten it. My time is valuable to me and I was wasting it trying to navigate the credit system myself, so I handed it over to the professionals at Lexington Law. I’m not normally someone who writes reviews about much of anything unless I feel strongly about it one way or the other, but I was so pleased by my score increase that I decided to write my own Lexington Law review.

I had good results when I first used the services provided by Lexington Law, (I got hired at a new job that did a credit check and approved to purchase a different vehicle!) but when the time came that I needed to cut some expenses, I unfortunately had to cancel my plan before I got my score back where I wanted it. Now that I’m back on my feet, you can guarantee that I’m going back to Lexington Law to see what else they can do for my credit!

Lester Bence